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Members: 586942 In chat: 1503 In IM: 281

We are very glad that you decided to join our network, but please do it only in case if you are ready to be useful for already existing community with more then 1 500 000 members from over the world. Sign up only in case if you want to join this community, spend your free time here, talk to people, meet new people, make private chats, chatting with up to 12 people at once, create profile, make or upload photos and record video, watch other members private and personal photos and videos, contact other members even when they are offline, for example, to schedule an appointment, send and receive text and video emails, instant messages, comments, manage friend and black lists, make personal meetings and much more.

Don't even try to register if you are younger than 18 (you will have to confirm your age). In the chat are constantly tens of admins, and you will be banned immediately, so do not waste your time...

In chat is strongly prohibited:
- Show nudity
- Sex conversations
- Going around bad words filter
- Spam (Send the same messages many times)
- Contact exchange
Violation of those rules will immediately remove your account.

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